Here’s What You Should Look for in a Commercial Property Management Company

property managerOwning and leasing out one to several assets is already a lot of work which isn’t a surprise that more and more investors are seeking the services of a commercial property management company. But even that is work in itself because finding the right people is far easier said than done. Still, it’s a path taken by the majority because the perks are worth it after all.

Now employing the right commercial property management company is just like looking for the right person to fill a position. We need to perform a meticulous screening and research process to eliminate the lackluster and have the best emerge. But what exactly are we looking for in the first place?

• Market Knowledge – It’s safe to say that real estate is affected by several factors, supply and demand, condition, location, safety and security, foot traffic and useful life being some of them. The property management team must therefore have more than adequate knowledge about these to be effective at the task.

• Professionalism – This word is packed with a slew of other adjectives. It’s an encompassing trait made up of a broad set of skills and traits, both of each individual member’s and the team as a whole, that foster a great working relationship and upholds strength and value for the parties involved. 

• Experience – A lot of expertise and skill is learned out of the classroom and in the field. This applies to commercial property management companies as well. The more seasoned they are, the higher the quality we can expect from them. Additionally, the job involves a lot of dealing with people especially when it comes to interacting with current and prospect tenants. Apart from real estate skill and experience, the same is to be sought in the area of social skill and communication.

• Timeliness – We want results and we need them on time otherwise they’re not good news to begin with as the delay negates the benefits. They only hamper your operations and deter decision making which can incur losses so we need a team that knows their time and can work even with the strictest of deadlines. After all, real estate is known to be highly volatile and complex when the factor of time is added so our chosen commercial property management company must be able to deliver timely results and do scheduled tasks as planned. 

Requirements When Attending Commercial Property Auctions

commercial auctionCommercial property auctions are a great avenue to score some amazing deals. It’s an exciting one too and anyone who’s had their hand in one of these knows too well the thrill it gives and once done right, the perks reaped thereafter.

But at the end of the day, auctions are serious matters especially since we’re injecting the element of real estate. It’s not easy and it’s downright challenging. A newbie will easily feel overwhelmed if not frightened out of their wits.

But that shouldn’t be the case with enough preparation. That said here are some requirements when attending commercial property auctions.

  • A LIST

Create a list of things. For instance, what do you need? What features or characteristics do you seek in a commercial property? This should help establish the next steps to be taken. Consider it a roadmap or a guide.


Be aware of what goes into commercial property auctions: the processes, the requirements, the benefits, the costs. After all, you can’t go to battle without knowing the details. That’s not the way to win.


Each auction is unique in terms of the properties being sold and the organizers. This means that one has to do adequate research and come to an understanding about the procedures set by the organizers, the requirements they need and even the details of the properties being auctioned off. Speaking of which, make a short list of those assets and run a background check on them. We also advise paying them a visit beforehand.


This type of platform comes with a tight payment schedule. After winning a bid, one has to pay for the down payment right then and there which can constitute up to 20% of the amount agreed upon. The remaining balance is then scheduled to be paid within a limited time frame, sometimes even as short as 28 days. This necessitates the need to prepare financing ahead of time since we all know it takes a while to pool these resources.


Commercial property auctions can easily bring out one’s competitive side so make sure to know when to put the plug. Don’t let emotions run over logic. Bid within one’s means and only for assets that you truly need.

  • PLUG

You have to be careful when playing your cards at commercial property auctions. Never speak too much, at least in terms of how much you’re willing to shell out on which properties and what your plans are. Others can use these details to your disadvantage.

Creating Bigger Spaces in Small Rooms

Ideas-for-a-Small-BedroomHow does one make the most of a little? The task may look daunting and seem impossible to a lot of people but creating bigger spaces in small rooms isn’t just a daydream. It’s doable and with the following tricks your residential property will be tons more massive than you ever thought it could be.

  • Incorporate glass. There’s a reason why interior designers love quality glass accents especially in areas like the living room (e.g. tables) and the bathroom (e.g. dividers). Its ability to be there but also appear not to makes the rooms appear bigger than they actually are. In other words, they don’t cut off the room into even smaller areas.
  • Use less bulky furniture. One of the most common mistakes people make is by putting in bulky furniture in an already tight room. Choose appropriately sized pieces that’ll maximize things not just physically but also visually. Chairs and tables with hairpin legs for instance help do this because they look less bulky.
  • Make use of smart storage. Being able to have a place for everything helps make a residential property bigger for the simplest reason. It tucks away things when not in use. There are many smart storage solutions available out there from custom built-ins to affordable pieces. Make sure to further maximize square area by utilizing corner and vertical storage.
  • Let light in. A well and adequately lit space can always create an illusion of more room. Of course, the choice in lighting fixture and intensity can vary from one room to the other as each one has different functions. For example, a bedroom may be less lit for comfort while a kitchen needs to be adequately lit.
  • Keep it reflected. Mirrors are the perfect magicians when we talk about creating bigger spaces. They are perhaps the oldest trick in the hat. Because they reflect images, they are able to create the illusion of longer, wider and higher rooms. This does not even merely apply to vanity mirrors but also to accent pieces and even stainless steel in the kitchen.
  • Maintain order. This is perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to create a bigger space for a residential property. A clean and orderly place will always look tons more spacious than one that has everything in a haywire. Believe us, even a little organizing around the house can already do wonders.

Property Investments for Sale Tricks to Better Curb Appeal

property investmentThere’s more to a property investments for sale than its interiors. The exterior or the façade matters too. Especially in terms of appraisal, it’s the outside that earns that initial impression. After all, it’s what people see first. This is why experts have always advised owners and investors to put some effort in ensuring that they improve or at least maintain the asset’s curb appeal. How? Take a look at the following tips.

Accent the entryway. – In other words, vamp up your doorway. A pop of color by way of paint or a pretty wood door should do the trick. Even smaller details like a knob’s finish or replacing your old worn out house number will already do wonders. Plus, an interesting mat can help elevate the whole ambiance.

Create drama with lights. – Adding to the entryway, you can opt for those interesting sconces both for mood and vision as people come in and out when the sun’s down. You can also opt for lamps and posts along the walk path or on the trees. The use of low-voltage landscape lighting makes way for a subtle and inviting look.

Add plants and greenery. – You’ll be surprised how much color and freshness plants can bring into any space. Flowers that are planted along the sidewalk or those hanging out of baskets gives the place a welcoming feel. Green from bushed, trees, shrubs and grass gives the property this relaxing and cozy vibe.

Update your mailbox. – Many people often overlook their mailbox. It may seem small but a little goes a long way with it. It can also be a certified accent to your curb’s overall design. Give it that much needed makeover and throw that ugly looking tin box that’s been sitting atop that decaying wood post.

Hide the bald spots. – There will be areas that tend to be hard to work with or those where no plant dare grow in. An easy fix and solution is to simply cover them up. Others opt to hide them by way of potted plants or flowers in cool planters. You’re putting in a garden without having to plant them unto the bald spot. If that won’t work, you can also opt for pebbles or these flat garden rocks.

Fix your gutters and downspouts. – More than the cosmetic update that it brings, fixing and updating your gutters and downspouts are part of regular property investment maintenance. You’ll need it to avoid any issue in the long run. Plus, you wouldn’t your asset to have pools of rain water lying around, do you?

Mistakes to Avoid at Property Auctions

property-auctionsProperty auctions are publicly held sales wherein the real estate asset being held up for grabs are awarded and sold to the highest bidder. This is an accelerated means to sell and buy properties with open cry competitive bidding and is participated by sellers, agents, investors and buyers alike who may be looking for commercial, residential or industrial assets either for personal use or business reasons.

An auction is one way to get a good deal for a property but just like anything else, one has to take caution in order to avoid stumbling down and tripping all over. Below are mistakes that you should do well to remember and to avoid to better reap the benefits of what property auctions have to offer.

Avoid exceeding your budget. You have to set a maximum limit as to your spending otherwise you risk giving it your all and spending more than you were supposed to or are capable of. That is a financial blunder you should do well to steer clear of!

Avoid agreeing to buy without inspecting. Before bidding on anything, you must first have a full grasp about the asset being held for sale. You must ensure that it is indeed what the seller presents it to be. Have it inspected and surveyed to assess actual value, condition, useful life, ongoing costs, legal issues and more.

Avoid showing off your cards. In other words, do not let anyone know how much you are willing to spend on the auction or in any of the properties being offered. Remember that sellers and brokers might just raise the bar on their minimum asking bid to match your maximum spending so that they can earn more. Keep your cards close to your chest.

Avoid lack of preparation. Before participating to bid, be sure that you have the resources necessary to complete the transaction should you be awarded as the winning bidder. In most auctions, a security deposit will be asked of participants and a winning bidder will be required to pay upfront costs with the remainder to be paid depending on the terms set by the selling party. Failure to do so will strip you of the chance so be sure that your finances are ready and accessible.

Avoid participating without knowing. Is it your first time at property auctions? If so, see to it that you do your research first before going for the plunge. You will risk a lot if you participate without the right skills and knowledge to do so.

Visit to learn more about property auctions.

Ways to Advertise a Commercial Investment Property for Sale

commercial propertiesWhen you have a commercial investment property for sale one of the many tasks that you are bond to accomplish will have something to do with advertising. You need to have the word out. Buyers must be on the loop otherwise you won’t find anyone knocking on your doorstep proposing to buy the asset from you. There are many marketing options that owners, investors and landlords can choose from. Such alternatives can work differently depending on your target market, your budget and the effectivity in the manner in which they have been used. For your guidance, listed below are a few of your options.

Option #1: Online Advertising

With the vastness of the internet and its often affordable rates, online advertising is fast becoming one of the most successful marketing media in the world. Advertisements can either be through direct links, banners, website ad space or even sponsored posts.

Option #2: Property Auctions

Sellers can also place their assets in an auction, either physical or online. This is an effective means to rev up interest and exposure since many companies and investors often buy from auctions. Just see to it that you maintain a minimum asking price so you won’t suffer losses.

Option #3: Print Media

It’s the most traditional form and yet one that is still effective up to today. You can advertise through the newspaper or a magazine, real estate related or not. Although computers are continuously on the rise, print publication is still very well alive and strong.

Option #4: Posters and Flyers

This is a very cheap and affordable way to promote however its biggest challenge lies in its reach and positioning. When handing out flyers, your reach is often limited to the area where you distribute unless you have people scattered across town in various cities. As with posters, you can’t essentially put them up just anywhere otherwise you can be sued for vandalism.

Option #5: Word of Mouth

This is the cheapest on this list. In fact it’s for free. Word of mouth remains to be the most powerful form of marketing but it is also something that is not as easy to establish. You need people to talk about and relay the message to others. To do this well, you need to establish trust and a good rep as a seller. The same is true for your commercial asset.

Option #6: Professional Agent

When left confused and you feel that you do not have enough expertise, you can always talk to a professional real estate agent to help you advertise and sell a commercial investment property for sale.

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