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Creating Bigger Spaces in Small Rooms

Ideas-for-a-Small-BedroomHow does one make the most of a little? The task may look daunting and seem impossible to a lot of people but creating bigger spaces in small rooms isn’t just a daydream. It’s doable and with the following tricks your residential property will be tons more massive than you ever thought it could be.

  • Incorporate glass. There’s a reason why interior designers love quality glass accents especially in areas like the living room (e.g. tables) and the bathroom (e.g. dividers). Its ability to be there but also appear not to makes the rooms appear bigger than they actually are. In other words, they don’t cut off the room into even smaller areas.
  • Use less bulky furniture. One of the most common mistakes people make is by putting in bulky furniture in an already tight room. Choose appropriately sized pieces that’ll maximize things not just physically but also visually. Chairs and tables with hairpin legs for instance help do this because they look less bulky.
  • Make use of smart storage. Being able to have a place for everything helps make a residential property bigger for the simplest reason. It tucks away things when not in use. There are many smart storage solutions available out there from custom built-ins to affordable pieces. Make sure to further maximize square area by utilizing corner and vertical storage.
  • Let light in. A well and adequately lit space can always create an illusion of more room. Of course, the choice in lighting fixture and intensity can vary from one room to the other as each one has different functions. For example, a bedroom may be less lit for comfort while a kitchen needs to be adequately lit.
  • Keep it reflected. Mirrors are the perfect magicians when we talk about creating bigger spaces. They are perhaps the oldest trick in the hat. Because they reflect images, they are able to create the illusion of longer, wider and higher rooms. This does not even merely apply to vanity mirrors but also to accent pieces and even stainless steel in the kitchen.
  • Maintain order. This is perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to create a bigger space for a residential property. A clean and orderly place will always look tons more spacious than one that has everything in a haywire. Believe us, even a little organizing around the house can already do wonders.